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Monday, January 16, 2012

My favs...

My daughter asked me what my favorite things in life are (besides the kids).  I thought it would be nice to list them out and go on record as to what I would rather NOT live without.  I love my children AND JESUS and they are at the top of my list, but these are the things that are next in line.  So here they go...
  • Water (with lemon)- I (heart) H2O, aqua, voda, 물.  Whatever language you speak, add some lemon and it's my favorite.
  • Poetry- In college I was an English major, but long before college, I was in love with poetry.  So much so in fact, I started studying the history of it.  I am obsessed with everything about it.  There is something romantic, entertaining, sacred and educational about poetry.  The first Poet Laureate was appointed by Henry VII of England and since then, we have been privileged enough to read the thoughts and feelings from people who loved and lived long before our existence.
  • Baking- I sat on the counter at a very young age while my Grandmother was baking our favorites (Sweet Potato Pie, Upside Down Pineapple Cake, Ho-Cake bread, Carrot Cake, etc...).  I guess watching her taught me how many pinches of this and cap fulls of that to put in to perfect the recipes I grew up with.  On top of loving to bake, it soothes my soul.
  • Riesling- Who knew that fermented fruit juice would taste this good?! Not me...But I LOVE IT!  If/When I win the lottery, my full-time job will be a oenophile (a wine connoisseur).
  • Marketing/Advertising- Now here comes the UBER-NERD in me.  My career allows me the opportunity to learn and experience things that not too many people get to (or at least get excited about).  Everyday, I get to alter the way people view a brand by the words, images and colors we use.  Technology is amazing and I get to watch it evolve daily.  Don't judge me yet though,because I have a secret...I am using an antiquated mobile phone (the second version of a flip phone). 
  • Target- There are people on planet Earth that are addicted to food, addicted to drugs, addicted to boys who wear skinny jeans...well...My name is Catherine and I am a Target addict!  The "every thing's a dollar" section in the front of the store gets me every time.  Target is the only place where top designers, jumbo packs of toilet tissue, garden tools and televisions on sale, go to live! 
  • Coffee (This does NOT need an explanation).  Go into Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Einstein's, where-ever and you too will be adding this to your list. 
So that sums it up.  I am sure that this list doesn't make Oprah Winfrey's "favorite things" list, but I love it!

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  1. The image is Kathleen's Sweet Potato Pie! By far the best dessert this side of the equator.