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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My sister, the terror.

When I was about six years old, my sister cut my Barbie's hair.  I am not talking about a cute bob or razor bangs, she butchered their heads.  When I began crying, she promised the hair would grow back just like mine did.  It never did!  When I was about nine years old, I ran home from school one afternoon, the door was locked, so I rang the bell and that same sister told me that in order to get in, I needed to taste the chili she had on a gigantic spoon.  I should have known something was "fishy" when I saw my brother holding a glass of water and smiling, but I ate the 5-alarm chili anyway and as I the heat set in and I jumped for the water to rinse down the fire in my mouth, my sister laughed hysterically, refused to let me in and dared me to tell our parents.  She even promised me she would make me the best baked goods in her home economics class  in exchange for my allowance, needless to say, the goodies never showed and she spent my allowance on fortunes of her own.  As we became teens, she began to steal my favorite clothes and told me that the dryer ate my favorite jeans or she accidentally left my cutest sweater at her friends house, only for me to see her a day or two later wearing the same ensemble.  Growing up, my sister was down right terrible.
She left for college and I was releaved.  When it was time for me to go off to college, she convinced me to attend where she attended and I obliged.  I knew I was in for some hazing from my sister, but like when we were kids, she was convincing.   I am happy to report, her antics stopped.
Over the years, the two of us formed a friendship.  She became my confidante and my tour guide when I lost my way.  I have been on plenty of literal "ledges" and she has always talked me down. There are still times when I notice my favorite shirts or purses are missing and when I see her again, she will be wearing them, but there is no way I can repay her for the valuables she has placed in my life.
My awful sister came for a quiet visit this week.  Over mimosas and movies, we laughed and remained around each other for a couple of days and although we didn't discuss much, her presence spoke volumes.  I once told my sister, we have to be sisters, but we make the choice to be friends.  I am so glad she is my friend and not as awful as I once thought!

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