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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost 40?

I guess I expected an invitation.  Heck...I would even settle for the sign that the drivers hold up at the airport with my name on it.  But there was nothing. Only a small birthday celebration with a few friends and way too much birthday cake.  But I want a guide.  There must be a guide.  Is there a guide? There has to be someone who thought it pertinent to tell me and everyone else about how your hair gets gray EVERYWHERE.  How you forget things and it requires an act of Congress to get you to remember. There must be a book that explains what the heck all those vitamins are in the vitamin aisle at Walgreen's are for (that reminds me to Google why Cinnamon comes in a tablet form). I turned 39 and there is so much more to learn.
I find myself trying to figure out how to juggle the kids, homework, meetings at work, PT conferences, finding interesting things to cook, read books and articles and still be interesting and relevant. I hear my kids whispering behind my back..."Why does she dance like that?"  "Why is she wearing that?"  Recently, my 17 year old said to me..."Mom.  If you are coming to my school today, can you at least wear something cool?"  Since when did cable knit cardigans stop being cool?  I see the look in their eyes.  It's the same look I gave my parents when I thought they were uncool and old.  I have finally entered into the geriatrics aisle in the "aging" store and I don't like it.  I am almost fourty.  It should be a bumpy ride. I think I am ready.  I guess I better be.


  1. wow, lol. I have more than too many gray hairs, my memory slipping a little, and my kids tell me stop when I try to do the dougie. I tell them things my parents told me, something I thought I'd never do, and I fear I'm gonna be the old lady that lives with a lot of little dogs instead of cats!! lol and I'm only 36!!

  2. I had NO idea that you blogged! I like this blog.

    This post hits home b/c I just turned 39 last Friday. Not sure if I'm ready for 40. Can't seem to get rid of these 4 gray hairs in my mustache. They stand out b/c of my chocolate complexion. The one thing I can say about 40 is that there WILL be a party. And you'll be invited! :)

  3. Just started Kyle. Blogging was on my list of things to do, so I blew the dust off the idea and went for it. I am sure it will get better and more entertaining.

  4. Love this Cat! I feel the same about nearing 39...but we can try to "guide" each other along the way! that you are blogging too! If you get a chance, check out my blog too!