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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My friend- Amyr!

What I learned over the past few days is that no one and nothing can change what is deeply rooted inside of a person, but it is life and experiences that either support or contradict a person’s testimony.  As my friend stands in the gap today for her ailing mother that is in critical condition, she is reflecting on her mother’s life testimony.   It is only with deep remorse of losing my own mother that I understand every challenge and every obstacle and although the pain is deep at times, there are memories of happier times that will hold her.   Life sometimes has a way of making you come into your own understanding in ways that some might find unimaginable, but what I learn every day is we are all significant.  We are all remarkable and key contributors to an amazing existence. 
To my friend Amyr, be great!  Your mother is proud of you.

Amyr Heard

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