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Monday, February 25, 2013

Death has not won...

Recently I lost a college friend who was the 3 Cs, caring, charasmatic and constant.  I wrote the following poem at her funeral.  There is no dying, only living!  Even in her death, she lives.  We will miss her.

Death has not won.

There will come a day when the ease of losing her won’t be as difficult to take. 
There will come a moment when we will hold an image of her and our hands won’t shake,
but for now...I am here to say, Death has not won.

Today our hearts are heavy, our spirits are wounded and it feels like people are constantly slipping through our fingers.  And as the emptiness lingers and we remember Sonya,
I am here to say, that Death has not won.

There will be pain before there is complete peace and the feelings of what if and what now won’t cease and we will often ask God why, why her, why now and HOW could you let this happen, but in our anger we must remember that death has not had a victory here.  God’s complete love has wrapped around Sonya and she has transitioned into a place where death dare not celebrate.  I want to set the record straight, Death….you have not won.

Even in our suffering we rejoice in having have known her, having loved her, having worshipped or worked with her and eventually the phones will stop ringing, and it will sound like the birds have stopped singing and the tears won’t stop streaming, but remember that when Sonya left this place, that death did not, will not, won’t ever, win.

We Love You Sonya.

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