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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I packed too much.

So much has happened since my last post (February)and I wasn't sure what would come out in the wash if I wrote in here while I was in my meantime, so I decided to wait, breathe and relax.  I must say, my children, my career, my home and my thoughts have kept my life truly eventful (for lack of a better word) over the past few weeks and all I could do was be still.  Very still.  Still like a garden gnome watching over the lawn.  Sometimes that's all you can do to get from one experience to the next.  I have on my seat belt, I have a breathing apparatus (in case I need one) and I have my feet firmly planted on the ground and my arms are on my lap.  I think I may have packed way too much equipment to deal with the everyday challenges that being a mother can bring, but I heard the ride gets bumpy along the way and I thought it best to pack too much, than not enough.  Bring it on!

A smile cures everything, right?

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